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Q: Will I need to wear rubber bands?

A: Rubber bands help correct your bite. Dr. O’Day can move your teeth in each arch to level and align them with the braces and arch wires. It’s the constant light force of the rubber bands (that you change a few times each day) that works to mesh your teeth together and slide them along your arch wire.

Q: What do the colored ties do?

A: The colored ties that patients get to choose at each visit serve three purposes. First, they are placed around each brace to hold your wire in the slot of each bracket. Secondly, they act as a buffer around the edges of the brackets to make them more comfortable to your lips and cheeks. Lastly, they help you show your team spirit or add to the latest holiday celebration with your awesome color choices!

Q: Are ceramic brackets as effective as regular metal braces?

A: Functionally speaking, yes, ceramic brackets are as effective as their metallic counterparts. However, as they are made of porcelain, they tend to fracture more easily – making following the No-No Food List all the more important!

Q: Can all of my (my child’s) appointments be after school?

A: The majority of your appointments can be after school; however, the initial placement of braces will typically be scheduled earlier in the day. This allows us to have more availability in the afternoon for the shorter regular appointments your child will have going forward after the braces have been placed.

Q: Will I have to wear retainers for the rest of my life?

A: Retainers are an essential part of your full braces treatment. Teeth always remember where they were before, so retainers help hold them in their corrected positions. The first three months after your braces are removed, you will wear your retainers full-time (taking them out for brushing, eating and contact sports only). After that initial three-month period, Dr. O’Day will inform you that you only need to wear your retainers for the next ten months while you sleep! At your final retainer check, you will be instructed to try your retainers in one night per week and you will be told how to monitor the fit of your retainers to avoid needing braces a second time!

Q: Will all of my appointments be the same length of time?

A: The majority of your appointments will be quick; usually 15 minutes or less. You will be seen approximately every six weeks. Our team does a terrific job of telling you what will happen at each appointment and also tells you what to expect at the next appointment so you can schedule accordingly.

Q: Can I have online access to my account?

A: At O’Day Orthodontics, we offer you the convenience of the Patient Portal. The portal will allow you to see your account history, your appointment history and current appointments as well as allow you to print receipts for your flexible spending plans or taxes. At the current time, an online payment option is not available.

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